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Headway Research, Inc.
Headway Research, Inc.

The Headway Story...

Headway Research, Inc. has been doing business worldwide since 1964. Headway has contributed many "firsts" in the technology of producing micro-electronic devices. A few firsts:


  • First high acceleration spin coater.
  • First Spin coater with electronic speed rotation.
  • First vacuum-to-chuck interlock, first quick braking.


  • First successful pump for photoresist.
  • First commercial spin developer for photoresist.
  • First mechanical scrubber for substrate surfaces.


  • First Automated surface scrubber using polishing cloth technique.


  • Developed first large substrate spinner for 14" diameter glass master discs for laser disc research.


  • Initiated successful edge rounding of semiconductor substrates in the United States. Increased IC yields by 25%.


  • Introduced "Inhibited Drying Spin Coating" techniques for improved coatings, especially on rectangular or odd-shaped substrates.


  • Improved scrubbing techniques for large and rectangular substrates, using small disposable polishing cloth discs.


  • New PWM32 Spin controller for low cost R & D use.
  • New HDP98 High purity fluid dispenser.
  • New Substrate lifter/alignment system.

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Headway Research, Inc.
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Garland, Texas 75042 U.S.A.

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