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Headway Research, Inc.
Headway Research, Inc.

IT22 Spinner / Developer

The IT22 Spin Coater is optimized to develop data exposed in photoresist on a compact disc (CD) master. An optional Clean Air Module can be installed on top of the frame to maintain a positive downflow of clean air through the process area.

The pneumatic front doors are mechanically locked automatically during system operation.

The size and style of cabinet that encases the spin developer can be used to house other spinning, dispensing, and process controls. We can design equipment to spin scrub, spin coat, or spin develop photo images on any type, size, or shape of substrate, as long as it will fit properly in the 22" I.D. bowl.

Stationary dispenser arms, dynamic moving dispenser arms, or dynamic moving dispenser arms are available. Dynamic arms that change the speed of the spinner and the speed of the dispense arm, in respect to arm position, are also offered.


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