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The PWM32 controller has been upgraded as follows, now PWM50:

1. Software has been improved to eliminate the problem caused if the power was turned off (re- booted) in the middle of a calibration procedure. Now, with the PWM50, turning power off without completing a calibration procedure will just cancel the calibration procedure, with no problem to starting over.

2. The system has been re-designed to permit the optional (at time of purchase) addition of 8 more outputs (plus the prior 3). At the time of installation, this requires additional hardware, an I/O board, additional harness and connector.

3. The "PS" motor, successful for many years, has been replaced in the PWM50, with a more modern design, called a "DY" motor. The "PS" motors in stock will be sold as replacement parts until gone. No more "PS" motors will be manufactured. The "DY" motor will work as a direct replacement for prior product using "PS" motors.

4. The PWM50 provides password protection for 9 of 10 recipes. If the recipe designer so chooses, he can protect his recipe with a password on recipes 1 through 9, the 0 recipe is kept open for anyone to use, without a password.

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