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Headway Research, Inc.
Headway Research, Inc.

HRI Trade In Policy & Buy Back Program

The model PWM32 Spin Controller has been upgraded and new product is now called model PWM50. We buy used equipment and factory re-furbish it at times, so the PWM32 may linger in our terminology and sales material for a considerable time. References to the PWM32 will be updated as soon as practical.

See the special page explaining the main differences in the two models.

Headway Research offers Trade In and Buy Back Programs to our customers. The Trade In program allows you to trade in older equipment to be used towards the purchase of one of our PWM32 systems. Our Buy Back Program allows you to sell back to Headway EC101/PM101 equipment. See details below or contact our Sales Department for more information.

Trade In Program Policy

  1. Trade in allowances are given only towards the purchase of new PWM32 Spinner Systems.
  2. Trade in of Complete EC101/PM101 Spinners (Controller, Motor, Motor Package with Motor Housing & Footswitch).
  3. Trade in of Motor Package Assembly with Motor & Housing only.
  4. Trade in of Controller with Footswitch Assembly only.
  5. Trade in allowances will be deducted from invoice only if equipment is returned and evaluated by HRI prior to new PWM32 Spinner System ship date.

Buy Back Program

  1. EC101/PM101 equipment must be returned to HRI for evaluation/general analysis.
  2. HRI will buy back complete spinners and/or individual motor packages and controllers (same as trade in policy)
  3. HRI will submit a bid for the equipment.
  4. The price quoted will depend upon the condition of the equipment returned to HRI.

Equipment not eligible for trade in or buy back:

  1. Spinners with bent motor shafts.
  2. Obsolete equipment - Partial List: Models LS510, AHT, Fodel Developers.
  3. Spinners with Electrocraft Motors - Typically any spinner with an EC100 Controller.

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