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PWM32 Controller Spinner Family

HRI Spinner

The model PWM32 Spin Controller has been upgraded and new product is now called model PWM50. We buy used equipment and factory re-furbish it at times, so the PWM32 may linger in our terminology and sales material for a considerable time. References to the PWM32 will be updated as soon as practical.

See the special page explaining the main differences in the two models.

PWM32 Controlled spinner systems are available in four Motor/Bowl configurations listed below. Each spinner system is manufactured to HRI's standard specifications. The following information will assist in selecting the most efficient components for your needs.

The PWM32 Spinner Four Standard Motor/Bowl Configurations:

  • Model PWM32-PS-R790, up to 10,000 rpm for relatively light loads such as silicon wafers, small photomasks, etc. and substrates up to 5-inch maximum.
  • Model PWM32-PS-CB15, up to 10,000 rpm for relatively light loads such as silicon wafers, small photomasks, etc. and substrates up to a recommended 8-inch maximum.
  • Model PWM32-BD-CB15, up to 2,500 rpm for heavy loads such as compact disk masters, thick E-beam masks, LCD panels, substrates requiring high inertia chucks, etc. and substrates up to a recommended 12-inch maximum.
  • Model PWM32-BD-LS22, the next larger bowl for substrates larger than 12-inches, or for heavy substrates at higher than 2,500 rpm or consider the IT22 (a different family of 22-inch I.D. Spinners).
All PWM32 Spinners Feature:
  • World-wide line voltage input: 115/220 vac 50/60Hz models
  • Pulse Width Modulated (PWM) motor drive
    • The PWM32 controller drives various DC servo motors with closed loop feedback
      • Headway EC and PM motors (on earlier SCR spinners)
      • Headway PS motor (EC101DT spinners)
      • The high powered BD motor, to 2,500 rpm for heavy loads
      • Almost certainly others, not yet tested
  • Safety Features
    • Failsafe interlocked vacuum to the chuck. Vacuum is applied by de-energizing the control valve. If power fails during a process, the vacuum remains applied. Cycle can not start without chuck vacuum and will abort if vacuum is lost while running.
    • Zero speed sensor: Keeps vacuum fully applied to the chuck until the motor stops. Can also be used to lock doors, lids, etc., during operation, or prevent the accessory substrate lifter from working during spinner operation.
    • Abort circuit permits manual operator or system automatic abort.
    • Inhibit start circuit allows various optional accessories to prevent the start of a new cycle until an undesired condition is corrected. For instance, if a sensor on a waste container senses a "near full" condition, or if a sensor in the exhaust tube senses an out-of-tolerance exhaust condition, the sensor can inhibit the beginning of a new cycle without aborting the current cycle in progress.

  • PWM32 Microprocessor Sequence Controller
    • Up to 9 steps in one recipe
    • Memory for up to 10 user-designed recipes
    • User-set in each step: rpm, ramp (accel/decel), time, various I/O for accessory control (dispensers, exhaust control, lid/doors, etc.
    • Speed can be manually adjusted while a recipe is running
    • Operator can manually turn on the vacuum to the chuck, overriding AUTO control
    • LCD interface for user input prompting and process display
    • RS485 port for future communication and add-on equipment use
    • An optional accessory stand is available for the controller. It permits the controller to sit on a tabletop surface, inclined upward toward the operator. It may also alternately be used to suspend the controller underneath a tabletop, inclined upward toward the operator.
    • The basic controller can control simple dispensers at minimal cost for additional dispenser hardware. Controller I/O allows output of 2 fluids.
    • The PWM 32 controller can directly replace many older SCR type controllers (EC101 and PM101) for improved PWM performance, as well as the other new features. A trade-in credit will be given on applicable EC/PM101 spinners or controllers. Typically, dispensers used on EC/PM101 spinners will not work with the PWM32 control. It may be possible at the factory to adapt such dispensers, or to use applicable parts in building a compatible dispenser.

Backside View of PWM32

PWM32 Backside

Optional Tabletop Mounting Stand

Programming instructions for the PWM32

Call or e-mail Headway for answers to any questions you may have. We are ready to assist in designing a spinner system, your processes require, to meet your R&D and front-end needs.

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