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Headway Research, Inc.
Headway Research, Inc.

LS22 Large Substrate Spinner

The model PWM32 Spin Controller has been upgraded and new product is now called model PWM50. We buy used equipment and factory re-furbish it at times, so the PWM32 may linger in our terminology and sales material for a considerable time. References to the PWM32 will be updated as soon as practical.

See the special page explaining the main differences in the two models.

Protection Zone

The LS22 Series of large substrate spinners is designed for versatility, ease of use and safety in a variety of manual and automated research and development processes. The spinners are ideal for processes such as the coating and developing of large photomasks, reticles, pellicle production plates, and optical compact and video disk masters.

Housed in a cabinet that promotes safe, simple operation, LS22 spinners include a deep 22-inch I.D. bowl with an exhaust connection, choice of three motors to meet substrate requirements, and choice of three controllers to support various degrees of process complexity. The spinners are compatible with a variety of Headway accessories, including vacuum/non-vacuum chucks, vacuum generating equipment and fluid dispensers.

LS22 System Features

  • Two choices of sequence control, PWM202 or PWM32
  • Options of two direct-drive, PWM-driven motors
  • Many standard safety features; rotation sensor, vacuum and door interlock, etc.
  • Stainless steel bowl with 22-inch I.D. and deep construction for enhanced process flexibility
  • Protective barrier between process area and operator with a clear view of the process area
  • Durable steel cabinet with stainless steel top
  • Variety of accessories: Vacuum pumps, chucks, waste collectors, dispensers, etc.

LS22 System Components

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