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Spinner Mounting Options

The model PWM32 Spin Controller has been upgraded and new product is now called model PWM50. We buy used equipment and factory re-furbish it at times, so the PWM32 may linger in our terminology and sales material for a considerable time. References to the PWM32 will be updated as soon as practical.

See the special page explaining the main differences in the two models.

Cabinet, Carts, Table Top Stands, and Controller Stands

Metal Cabinet and Options
  • Stainless steel top surface
  • Clean Room Compatible
  • Removable, hinged front and side doors
  • Optional Control Arm
  • All process connections located behind cabinet to facilitate hook up
  • Four levelers to ensure substrates are level prior to start up
  • PWM32 Controller & PWM202 Controller mounted inside cabinet assembly. MP100 Controller is mounted on cabinet surface
  • Optional Cantilever Bracket available to mount PWM32 Controller above the cabinet surface

Cabinet front    Cabinet with doors open

Item Dimensions Headway Part #
Metal Cabinet with Stainless Steel Top for CB15 Spinners 33"L X 29"D X 34"H 3-09968
Metal Cabinet with Stainless Steel Top for R790 Spinners 33"L X 29"D X 34"H 3-18277
Optional Cantilever Bracket compatible with CB15 & R70 adds 27"H for a new height of 61"H 2-24059

Table Top Stands for R790 Motor/Bowl Configurations
  • Inexpensive mounting for Model PWM32-PS-R790 Spinner
  • Medium density fiber board table top with cut out for R790 Motor/Bowl Configuration
  • PWM32 Mounting Bracket is included for PWM32 Controller
  • Four wooden legs 12" high allow stand to be placed on bench top
Item Dimensions Headway Part #
PWM32-PS-R790 Table Top Stand 26"L X 12"W X 14"H 2-23185

Table Top Stands for CB15 Manual Lid (ML) Motor/Bowl Configurations
  • Inexpensive mounting for Model PWM32-PS-CB15ML Spinner
  • Cylindrical stainless steel stand
  • Stand wraps around the CB15 Bowl, shielding the spinner motor assembly
  • CB15 Lid rests on top of CB15 table top stand
Item Dimensions Headway Part #
PWM32-PS-C15ML Table Top Stand 15" in Diameter X 17" H
Lid: 17-1/4" in Diameter

Heavy Duty Plastic Cart for R790 or CB15 Motor/Bowl Configurations
  • Light weight plastic cart made of sturdy structural foam construction
  • Includes PWM32 Controller Mounting Bracket
  • Flat Bottom Shelf for mounting vacuum pump or other spinner accessories
  • Four large non-marking casters for quiet operation
  • Can be used for shipping protection or as a portable unit
Configuration Dimensions Headway Part #
R790 Motor/Bowl 37 3/4"L X 18 1/2"W X 33 1/2"H 9-23563
CB15 Motor/Bowl 44"L X 25"W X 37 1/2" H 2-23267

PWM32 Controller Stand
  • Supports PWM32 Controller
  • Can be mounted either on top of the controller to be table mounted or underneath the controller to be mounted under a table top
  • Stand allows the PWM32 Controller to be tilted upward as needed by the operator
  • Headway Part Number: 2-22621

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