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Substrate Alignment Fixture
for the PWM32 Spinner Family

The model PWM32 Spin Controller has been upgraded and new product is now called model PWM50. We buy used equipment and factory re-furbish it at times, so the PWM32 may linger in our terminology and sales material for a considerable time. References to the PWM32 will be updated as soon as practical.

See the special page explaining the main differences in the two models.

This alignment fixture is an optional accessory for use with the Headway Substrate Lifter Kit. Use the alignment fixture to align the substrate with the centerline of the motor shaft. The lifter can then raise the substrate off the alignment plate. Once the alignment plate has been moved out of the way, the lifter can lower the substrate gently onto the chuck in preparation for a spin cycle.

Headway can machine up to three recess pockets in one plate. The alignment tool for a specific substrate will work on any one of the PWM32 Spinner systems. Each different substrate will require a different alignment tool. The Alignment Plates can be easily changed to accommodate most any wafer size.

To use the alignment fixture and the substrate lifter:

1. Place the substrate onto the alignment fixture plate using the appropriate step on the plate.
2. Use the handle to move the plate over the chuck until the stop screw stops the motion. The stop screw has been factory set so that it aligns the substrate with the centerline of the motor shaft.
3. Press the "Up" button to cause the lifter platform to raise the substrate off the plate.
4. Use the handle to move the plate out of the way of the spinner lid path.
5. Apply vacuum to the chuck. This will automatically lower the substrate to the chuck.

Instructions- Alignment Fixture Detailed Instructions

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